Enjoy and build at the tables, as is the association's motto.

Look into our workshops


There is room for you as well.

As a mini-builder or member of the association, you get pleasant company. You will also gain knowledge about Kolding's history and construction methods in earlier times, excursions and other social events. 

You also have the option to register as a "guard". It can be recommended, as it gives you a good chat with our guests who visit the Mini City.

The Brickworks

Ejner stands by the mini-city extruder, into which comes a whole roll of 10 kg. chermottels. The clay is pressed out of a dolmen.
Yrsa sits at the tool that cuts the strips of clay for the small roof tiles that are used to roof the houses.

The workshop

Jørgen fills in the fields in the half-timbering with the small bricks that are produced in our own workshop, called the brickworks.
Eva Kjær Hansen is visiting and is looking at a house which is about to be ready to have tiles laid on the roof.

The timber workshop.

Handymen Svend busy making souvenirs.
Svend makes almost everything we have in our souvenir shop, including nests and feed boxes.
Svend also manufactures half-timbered houses and all raw houses, which are made of polyurethane foam sheets.

The model workshop

Erik produces many of the details that make the Mini City’s look finished and lifelike. It is everything from doors, doorhandles, weathervanes and trade signs, as shown in the following pictures.

3 D Printing

The Office/Administration