Tilføj din overskrift her

Support us

Buy a house and get the deed.

Help us so that we can continue to build houses for our beautiful city. 

Everyone is therefore very welcome contact us so that we together we can find a house at the right price for you.  

The buyer gets the deed on the house at a ceremony full of atmosphere. You get a photo of the house and the deed framed and the date we arrange together.  

The financial contributions are necessary to maintain the day-to-day operations, and help to create the basis for the further work of obtaining materials, and the treatment and finances for the maintenance of the buildings that may need maintenance after a hard winter, or on other way has suffered injury in the opening season. 

If you don´t want a house, you can tribute to our work by giving a contribution.  

Here a well you will get a proof of support.

Treetorps from Vamdrup are presented with a Deed here, it always takes place in the most festive manner.