Experience the details of the beautiful buildings that have been built in a scale of 1:10

Kolding Mini City is Kolding as it looked in the years 1860 to 1870. It is still possible to see some of the houses in Kolding City. When you walk around the city notice all the fine details, for instance in the windows or in a backyard.

In the work shops you can see how the houses are built. You can see it here on the web site: About The Mini City/The Workshops and in the Mini City between 9-11 every weekday. The workshops are: a small brickwork, where alle the bricks for walls and roofs are made, a woodwork for souvenirs, the core of the houses and half-timbering, a workshop for all the details such as business signs, doorhandles and so on. Everything is taken care of from volunteers.

At the bottom of this page there are videos telling the story of The Mini City.