Welcome to Kolding Mini City

En oplevelse for hele familien

Kolding Mini City and Geographical Garden is open every day from 10-18. Entrance to Kolding Mini City through Geographical Garden, Christian 4 vej 23, DK-6000 Kolding

Annual membership to Kolding Mini City costs DKK 200. Provides simultaneous access to the Geographical Garden.

for prices and access to the Geographical Garden and Kolding Mini City

Office and workshop in Kolding Mini City is open 9-11.

Rundvisning i Kolding Miniby, kan bestilles

på telefon.: +45 75 54 08 21 – Mail: koldingminiby@gmail.com. Det koster 30 kr. per person, min. 300 kr.

Schools and kindergartens etc. can arrange a guided tour of Kolding Miniby, where we will strive to make guides available free of charge.