Sponser arrangement

On September 29, 2023, the mini cities premises were beautifully covered, as guests were invited for dining and tours.

The guests were the companies and foundations that sponsor Kolding Miniature City, The event was the Mini City and the volunteers thanked for the immensely important support that ensures the Mini City and its continued development.

Minibyens borgmester, Linda Lyhne bød velkommen, hvorefter der blev vist rundt i byen i mindre grupper. Spisningen blev suppleret med visning af aktiviteterne i  værkstederne, og masser af gode samtaler sponsorerne og de aktive minibyggere imellem. 

Satiated, they once again went out into the Miniature Town to witness the fire at Koldinghus, which with fire, smoke and sound became a spectacular spectacle as darkness fell, which made it even more worth seeing.