Minibyens historie

Kolding Mini City was established 1996. The idea was to build Kolding as it looked in 1860 to 1870 in the size ratio 1:10.

Today (2023), more than 400 houses and other buildings have been completed, which amount to approx. 57% of the then built-up area.

The mini builders are working hard and voluntarily on this enormous task. Half-timbering and bricks, windows and doors are homemade by hand after the old building traditions, but computer has been taken into use for making windows. The drawings for the constructions are made in our administration after thorough preparation, i.e., at the City Archives.

Koldinghus is of course the crown of the work, as it is standing on its hill over-looking Kolding proud and majestically. The houses are placed in a way to create a natural flow in the city that, so you can feel the atmosphere in the old royal city.

The City council donated a corner of the Geographical Garden to Kolding Mini-by. Here all the small houses could be placed and form the city. The took place in 2010 on November the 16 th. Then the challenging work started placing all the small houses in their right location.

The first building to move in was Koldinghus, which is built from 50 partial ele-ments.

Kolding Mini City var opened on the 29th of July 2012 by the former mayor of Kolding together with the mayor of Kolding Mini City. With mini scissors they cut the red band and the mini mayor gave the key og the city to the mayor og Kolding.

We have sponsors who are buying our houses. That gives us the opportunity to buy materials for the constructions. We also get money gifts and the souvenirs we are selling form our shop tribute to our finances.

I may 2017 building of our workshops, shop and administration began. It finally ended in December 2017, and we were more than pleased to have all our activi-ties in at one place.

Majestically Koldinghus is overlooking Kolding.
Find the astonishing details during your walk around the city.